Finding the Right Muffler/ Repairing Exhaust Systems

Exhaust SystemsLakeview Car Care has expertise in repairing or installing exhaust systems. Generally, you may recognize when you need a new muffler or exhaust system. The smell or loud noise that your car or truck makes might be a dead giveaway. However, keeping a car or truck running smooth and quiet is only one aspect of a muffler or exhaust system.

Purchasing a new muffler or exhaust system will keep toxic fumes out of your car cabin and reduce emissions that harm the air. Muffler repairs should be addressed swiftly to minimize your exposure to toxic exhaust fumes and to reduce environmental pollutants. Your car or truck may also get better gas mileage with a new or properly repaired exhaust system.

Common problems with exhaust systems or mufflers are corrosions, holes or leaks which can cause poor fuel efficiency. It’s highly possible you will hear a vibration from certain parts of your vehicle if you are in need of a muffler or exhaust repair. Often times, the catalytic converter is the first part in need of replacement. Generally, a check engine light will illuminate on your dashboard urging you to seek a check up.

Stop in at LakeView Car Care or call for a muffler or exhaust system inspection by an auto mechanic that you can trust.

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